Natural Umber

Elderflower Vinegar

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A common recipe among foragers!
Fill a jar with elderflowers. Pick them on a dry day when they are creamy and full of pollen. Aim for as little stalk as possible, snip with scissors and don’t worry about a bit of green.
Pour in Natural Umber vinegar to cover the flowers and weigh them down with a weight… (An empty glass pot from a well known expensive pudding manufacturer is ideal and fits nicely).
Leave in a dark place for a couple of days or weeks depending on how strong an elderflower flavour you would like.
Strain through a muslin cloth and into a to bottle.

This makes a hot/cold drink or salad dressing. It can be drizzled over meat, fish or even strawberries.
You can even use it in a cocktail: 1 part gin, 2 parts lemon syrup, 1 part vinegar, topped up with soda and ice.

Try throwing in some rose petals for another unique twist!

Credit: Sue Evans, via Facebook