How To Use

Fun Ways to Reuse our Glass Bottles

We have gathered together some fun ways for you to reuse our glass bottles once you've run out of Natural Umber. All of our bottles are fully recyclable, and should be added to your normal recycling bin. 

Top tip: To easily remove the label, soak the bottle in water for at least half an hour and the label should peel straight off.


As a vase 

Effortless, yet effective. Use your leftover bottles to display some freshly picked flowers and brighten your day.

Reuse glass bottles as a flower vase

Use to infuse oils or to store your favourite homemade dressings

Try infusing oils or reusing your bottle to store some delicious dressings. We love adding some peeled garlic cloves and a sprig of rosemary to olive oil. Alternatively, try our quick and easy salad dressing recipe which can be stored in our bottles and kept in the fridge.

Reuse glass bottles to infuse oils
Use as a candlestick holder

This may be our favourite way to reuse our glass bottles. Simply add a tall candlestick to the neck of the bottle for a quirky table setting. 

Reuse glass bottle as a candlestick holder