How To Use

Ways to use Apple Cider Vinegar this summer season

With the arrival of warm weather and more time enjoying the outdoors, apple cider vinegar is a great versatile food and drink to have at hand this summer. Natural Umber can be used to add an apple kick to any salad or as a refreshing drink to give yourself a natural boost. Below we have gathered some inspiration to use your apple cider vinegar throughout the summer season.


Natural Umber has a unique, sweet apple flavour which is a great way to add some life to simple salads. Check out our simple salad dressing which can be stored in the fridge to get you through numerous summer BBQ’s.


Sit back and relax in the summer sun with a refreshing glass of Natural Umber and sparkling water. Make this simple tonic by adding 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to sparkling water and plenty of ice. Super refreshing, it tastes almost like a cider. It is also a great alternative to an alcoholic drink!


Renowned for its association with weight loss, apple cider vinegar can be used as a diet staple in the run up to summer. Try our tasty smoothie recipe to kick start your day and support your digestion.