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Apple Cider Vinegar vs Gummies

We are frequently asked about the difference between traditional liquid apple cider vinegar and ACV gummies or capsules.

Apple cider vinegar gummies have grown in popularity, largely as they do not have the same sharp and bitter taste that is often associated with apple cider vinegar. Gummies and capsules also contain added nutritional benefits such as vitamins.

Despite these benefits, traditional apple cider vinegar simply cannot be compared to ACV gummies. It is almost impossible for each gummy to hold the same amount of apple cider vinegar as a tablespoon of the liquid form.

On average, each gummy or capsule contains only 0.5g of apple cider vinegar.

For 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, an individual would need to consume approximately 30 apple cider vinegar gummies per day!

As you may know, organic apple cider vinegar contains Mother, a naturally occurring good bacteria which is thought to support gut health. The Mother is a live culture which cannot be dried or solidified in products such as gummies and capsules. For many, this is a key element in taking apple cider vinegar regularly that cannot be found in gummies.

Whilst apple cider vinegar gummies do offer some nutritional benefits, we recommend sticking to traditional apple cider vinegar. Natural Umber is made to retain a naturally sweet flavour using only 100% organic apples and therefore you know exactly what is inside every bottle.

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