Apple cider vinegar is used in soothing hot drinks, perfect for stubborn sore throats, coughs and colds. Most apple cider vinegars taste tart and bitter, but natural umber tastes delicious on its own in water!

Ways to drink apple cider vinegar


Apple cider vinegar drink recipe

As a Daily Drink to aid Digestion and ease bloating

To support digestion, you can mix about 10ml Natural Umber with a mug of warm water, making a delicious fruity tea which can be taken daily before your main meal.

Apple cider vinegar hot drink recipe

There’s no need to add honey as the sweet flavour of the apples in Natural Umber is delicious enough without it, but you can add a tablespoon of raw honey for extra sweetness!

As a Winter Warmer Drink or for Coughs and Colds

For something more indulgent or to soothe the symptoms of a cold; simply mix a tablespoon (roughly 10ml) of Natural Umber organic apple cider vinegar into a mug of cooled, boiled water.

Then add your choice of extra goodness:

  • Squeeze a lemon wedge to give you a vitamin C boost, some immune support and reduce water retention
  • A few Cloves can clear stuffed sinuses and ease congestion
  • Fresh cinnamon for antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Ginger can ease nausea and soothe upset tummies
  • Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Fresh Berries can give you a vitamin boost
  • fresh Sage leaves, to help you relax and to soothe a sore throat

It’s the perfect winter warmer!

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